New World



So, we leave the corporate, smog of death behind us, for them to fight amongst themselves until they kill each other off. We create a new world of abundance of organic food, no pollution, community based, where we all look after each other. Sounds like a plan. Go forth and start planning, creating and bonding with similar minded people.


A journey in this universe

A journey in this universe of time and space travel, where spiritual lessons and experiences are just a blip of time on planet Earth (Heart). May we see clearly now our work that needs to be done here, to shift the consciousness of our collectiveness in the realms of universal oneness. Peace.


First blog post


I’ve always wanted to live in St Ives since I was a young girl. It was there, that it inspired me to paint and to go to art college. The light is incredible there too for painting. The sandy beaches are beautiful. Though, it’s very hilly, so living there wouldn’t work for me, but I would love to live close by and cruise along the harbour and take in the fresh sea air.

I’ve moved 29 times in my life, so I want a forever bungalow, so that I can die there when I’m old. (I plan on living until I’m 100!) I want to be as self sufficient and off grid as much as possible, and living in the most eco friendly¬†way possible.